Another one bites PM 2.5

You know all these pictures with suffocating Earth because we have emitted too much harmful pollutants and substances? Greenhouse gases is the thing that comes up to our mind when we encounter images like that. However, the thing that makes us suffocate most is actually simple particle suspended in the air. Aerosols or particulate matter intrude to our lungs and sometimes (if its notorious PM 2.5) they come to stay there forever. Expected consequences are severe for some people - cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. For the entire nations - increased premature mortality and irreversible economic losses. We should remember, greenhouse gas effect and global warming is severe but not only consequences of human activities on our environment. Here we provide the distribution of the most harmful type of aerosols (PM 2.5) in 1998-2016 period. For those who concern, data acknowledgments: Source: MODIS, MISR and SeaWiFS Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) with GWR, Authors: van Donkelaar et al, 2016 Data link:

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