From dusk till dawn. Carbon dioxide stripes.

Another milestone in CO2 atmospheric concentration has been reached by the mankind. Meanwhile media and social networks are filled up by the messages about record heatwaves from all around the world (including Germany, France, Italy, India, USA) most countries still did not step on the pathway that will allow holding global warming within 1.5 °C. By 2019 only one country (Morocco) is following the 1.5 °C warming pathway and few other countries are following 2.0 °C warming pathway and all other nations demonstrate unimpressive efforts for stepping on the salutary pathway. The ultimate arguments about the theory of naturally-induced global warming (if some still remained) have been shattered by the new study that approved that current warming is unprecedented with its scale. Only the current global warming emerges at the global scales and only this warming is largely driven by human activities. Those cooling periods previously associated by proponents of natural warming theory with the cycles in the Earth system were actually regional events and had no comparable impact to what the current global warming does. While most northern hemisphere nowadays suffering from deadly heatwaves, we used the data from another excellent study that had addressed ice core records for reconstructing CO2 concentration in the past 2000 years. For those who want to see how CO2 has changed in recent 500 years, we visualized its atmospheric concentration as "CO2 stripes" following the viral trend of "warming stripes" launched by a climate scientist Ed Hawkins earlier. Welcome to the dark red epoch of constantly increasing CO2 concentration! Data from: This study Stripes idea: Ed Hawkins

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