Global warming is making rainfall patterns in India more tangled

In June India was hit by the record-breaking heatwave that left 36 people dead in the country. India's Ministry of Earth Sciences has stated that the number of heatwaves (especially in June) is constantly increasing. Alongside with the heatwave, India is witnessing the reshaping of the rainfall regime in recent years. Strikingly, rainfall reshape in India is very uneven but the patterns of the reshape are visible. While Rajastan and Gujarat states in the Western India are nowadays enjoying abundant rainfall, Northern-Eastern states of India (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal) are suffering from weakened rainfall compared to historical average in these states. In overall, these are more than 40% of districts in India that suffers form the rainfall deficit nowadays. This tendency is utterly hazardous from food security standpoint since India is one of the largest agricultural producers and most croplands are located in the Northern-Eastern part of the country. Indian government will have to deal with heavier reliance on the irrigation infrastructure and dedicate the best efforts for mitigating drought conditions as drought has affected 0.3 billion people in India since 1980. On the other side, the Western states will most likely have to prevent and mitigate dramatically opposite hazards such as urban flooding, damage to water supply systems, contamination of drinking water and paralyzed transport systems. Given the vulnerability of India in the teeth of the global warming, it hurts to notice that India's efforts towards National Action Plan on Climate Change goals are too slow in the aligning national emissions with the scheme that government had earlier proposed.

Data from: India Meteorological Department

Figure provided by: Harsha Devulapalli

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