Major Anomalies in Death Causes

Here is an example how simple geographic visualization can give a fresh look at the well-investigated issues. This is a map of major anomalies (% from total population) in death causes from each country. Anomaly simply represents the highest relative spikes in death causes by any nation comparing to global scales in average. For instance, one may see that Australia is covered by deep green color that stands for 17% of anomaly in this case. It means that in Australia people die from malignant neoplasms on 17% more often than in average around the world. Just numbers of deceased people of each country do not provide a comprehensive picture about regional challenges in healthcare we face. While anomalies give a different angle of the view at the old problem. Namely, the countries suffering from excessive death rate due to similar reasons are often clustered together. One may refer the purple cluster to the rueful statistics of some African countries that still struggling to repel mortality from tropical infections and viral diseases. Neighboring South American countries (Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela) share one thing. Too many people die there because of fatalities including violence, crime and unintentional injuries. Almost whole North Eurasia suffers from excessive cardiovascular mortality (red gradient). What is the driver behind this sad phenomenon? Style of life, eating habits, some indirect effects of planned-economies that dominated this region in the recent past? Green zone (stands for cancer mortality) mantled most developed countries.

This fact once again reminds us how limited we are in the solutions to cure some malignant neoplasms. For us, what will be particularly interesting to see is how these numbers are associated to the change of our habitat? Not the natural habitat, but the one we created around ourselves and currently live in. Namely, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the crops we grow and the food we eat.

Data acknowledgments:

source of dataset: website of the World Health Organization (disease and injury country estimates)

link: calculus: each anomaly is calculated as the difference between percent of deaths in a country (from total population) minus median amount of deaths from the same reason worldwide. only highest positive anomalies are shown

unit: %

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